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Dedicated Lab Services

Dedicated Lab Services

Nephrologists need a laboratory they can trust to deliver accurate, timely test results for their kidney patients. DaVita Labs specializes in the care of patients with ESRD. With many years of experience and expertise in kidney care, DaVita Labs is a lab partner nephrologists rely on to help them provide quality care to their patients.

At DaVita Labs, the goal is to enhance the overall laboratory experience by building a professional and customized relationship with each physician partner and clinician.

These services include:

  • Cutting-edge laboratory services
  • Intuitive Falcon Lab™ software
  • Integration with Falcon EHR, connecting the physician’s office with the laboratory for ultimate efficiency
  • Interface tailored to your clinical applications
  • Data and analysis capabilities for patient-or organizational-level reports
  • Industry experts on staff to support physicians and dialysis center clinicians
  • DaVita Labs staff is educated by a nationally recognized training program
  • Extensive payor network
  • Single point of contact for all billing inquiries
  • Coordinated on-site and telephone support

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