Cranberry Salsa by Adrienne from North Carolina

No cooking, no added spices, just fruit, glorious fruit. Cranberry Salsa tosses together in a jiffy, yet it looks so special nestled next to an entree, or topping a slice of turkey, ham, chicken or fish. This recipe comes from the talented mother-in-law of DaVita renal dietitian Adrienne from North Carolina. What a nice way to share a family tradition!  

“I loved learning about food, wellness and how to live a healthier life [as a young person],” declares Adrienne. “I am originally from North Carolina and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.” Adrienne said one of the things that appealed to her about the renal field and working in a dialysis center is the opportunity to develop “long-term personal relationships with patients.”

“Since I have been working with dialysis patients for over seven years, I know that the most challenging aspect of my job is convincing people to make dietary changes. It makes such a difference in patients’ lives when we help them understand how good nutrition is often the key component to improving health,” says Adrienne.

Adrienne feels that getting to know her patients and helping them to understand what they can eat is a rewarding aspect of her job. “I would describe my approach as caring and gentle educator, and I try to give positive rewards for dietary and health improvements.”

In addition to providing dietary advice, Adrienne says, “I think the single most important thing a patient can do to improve health is exercise.” While many patients may not be able to run a marathon, participating in simple everyday activities can help patients make physical improvements as well as have a better outlook.

Adrienne feels her DaVita center is a great place to be. “Our North Carolina center is in a beautiful, rural area. The people are friendly and we have an excellent team of hard-working and dedicated individuals,” shares Adrienne, adding, “I enjoy working for DaVita because the company is progressive and proactive. I think it’s exciting and wonderful that our company promotes kidney health on so many different fronts — from mission trips to third-world countries to local walk-a-thons and a national bike-a-thon. DaVita is committed to increasing awareness of kidney disease and health promotion.”

Adrienne’s Cranberry Salsa is a family recipe from North Carolina. Five minutes to prepare and you have a healthy fruit garnish that makes any dish looks like it’s made for a special occasion.


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