Creamy Fruit Salad by Akemi from Nebraska 

Fruit salad never has to be blah again. Akemi from Nebraska found a way to cuddle fresh fruit in a cloud of cream cheese, sour cream and Cool Whip®. So delightful you’ll float away at the first bite. 

Akemi was born and raised in Japan, and received her education at the University of Missouri at Columbia. “My mom used to tell me that I should become a nutritionist because I always loved to eat and work with food. I don’t know if she brain-washed me… but I wanted to learn how food works in our bodies, and I was always interested in healthy eating that is delicious.”  This fledgling foodie was also attracted to the renal field because she wanted something challenging. 

The most challenging aspect of her job is helping not-so-adherent patients make wiser food choices and take binders. “I love it when I see patients’ labs improve. My approach could be described as seeing the glass as half full. I love making them smile with a positive attitude and really getting to know them. I seem to have several different names that patients call me in the unit; A-keemy , A-Kim, A-kay-mee, A-keeny, and I even respond to “Zucchini!” 

Akemi feels the single most important thing patients can do to improve their health is take charge of their own care and lives. Something new she’s found to be effective is making dishes from recipes and sharing a taste with the patients. “I make the recipe available to them, as well,” she adds, which can help more people try new things at home for themselves. 

Akemi has been with DaVita since September of 2007. “What I enjoy about working for DaVita is getting to know other great DaVita dietitians outside of Wyoming, where I live. The most interesting thing I’ve learned since starting work at DaVita is how dialysis actually works.”  The center where she works is in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and Akemi’s patients and teammates really make it special. “It’s the closest DaVita to my home,” she adds. “I have great teammates to work with.” 

Creamy Fruit Salad has a wonderful texture and cool, smooth taste that’s easy on the digestion. Experiment with any low potassium fruits you like; the more colorful fruits you use, the more delicious it looks!


Creamy Fruit Salad

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