High Protein Rice Crispy Treats by Annette from Nevada

Making every calorie count nutritionally is a good plan for eating for people on dialysis. With that in mind, Annette from Nevada made a small, but important, change to a traditional recipe and came up with High Protein Rice Crispy Treats. Chewy, gooey and even packed with protein, this dessert/snack helps you get more nutrition, while satisfying that sweet tooth.

Annette says her interests in nutrition began when she had diet-related health problems as a child. “When I saw how diet could increase quality of life, I decided to become a dietitian and help others do the same. The renal field is so tied to diet.” Originally from Las Vegas, Annette earned her nutrition degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

 “It’s very rewarding to see improvements in my patients’ labs and how proud they are when they make a difference. I try to be realistic with my recommendations and encourage moderation in general, and restriction when necessary. I try to understand every patient’s viewpoint and congratulate them on any success. Encouraging them—instead of coming down on them—when something is not perfect.”

Getting to know her patients is what Annette enjoys most. “I love being able to talk to them, educate them, and then follow up to see progress. That is something you can’t get working in many areas of dietetics. I also think it’s important for patients to listen to their dietitian and take medications as prescribed.”

Annette enjoys finding new ways to help her patients understand how food and medicines affect the body. One approach she says proved helpful was using a sponge to demonstrate how some phosphate binders soak up phosphorus in foods so it doesn’t get into the bloodstream.

In addition to helping her patients with their diet, Annette likes to spread a little sunshine when she can. When a patient broke her foot, Annette used colored markers to draw a butterfly and a sunflower on her cast. Reports Annette, “Afterwards, my patient continued to comment on how much she liked looking at the drawings on her cast. I know this has little to do with being a dietitian, but it was nice to help someone feel a little better about a bad situation.”

Finally, Annette reports that her unit is the largest one central to the city. “We have a great mix of people who support the dietitians and reinforce what we say to our patients. Our facility administrator is always willing to help us try something new to reach out. I’ve been with DaVita for one year and enjoy the work environment and my coworkers very much. This is a great unit!”

Try Annette’s new and improved High Protein Rice Crispy Treats and jazz up your snack time!




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