Grilled Chicken Marsala by Barb from Kansas

When your family's asking for something special for dinner – or you want to impress your guests – this Grilled Chicken Marsala recipe will really do the trick! DaVita renal dietitian Barb from Kansas shares her take on a restaurant favorite. Her recipe, while being just as flavorful as one you might enjoy when you eat out, is kidney-healthy too so even those on the renal diet can enjoy it.

For Barb, you could say that being a dietitian runs in the family, since she followed her mom into the profession. "As a child, my mom fostered my appreciation and love for great food, nutrition and health," Barb explains.

Born in St. Louis, Barb now resides in Kansas. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Missouri – Columbia, then went on to pursue a graduate degree and an internship at Texas Women's University in Houston. The decision to work in the renal field came about when Barb was introduced to nephrology while working as an intern. "I enjoyed my renal rotation the most. I found nephrology very challenging," remembers Barb.

Barb's career as a dietitian spans 18 years. She's been with DaVita for about a year now and is loving the collaborative atmosphere at the DaVita center where she works. "I enjoy working for DaVita because of the wonderful leadership and team approach," she explains. "Never before have I seen such a cohesive and supportive group of area dietitians. We enjoy working closely together as a team to make nutrition therapy and outcomes better for our patients!"

When asked about the most challenging aspect of her work, Barb comments that it's "getting patients to adhere to their diets." But every day, Barb's goal is to find ways to encourage patients to eat food that's good for them yet enjoyable too. "I never want patients to feel overwhelmed by the renal diet. I want them to get excited about eating! I can show them how," Barb asserts.

Chicken Marsala has been enjoyed since the 1800's, and now DaVita renal dietitian Barb has come up with a new take on an old favorite that is renal friendly and ultra-flavorful. Whether you're cooking for yourself, your family or special guests, there's no need to ever again serve boring chicken, thanks to Barb's recipe for delicious Grilled Chicken Marsala!


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