Crab Cakes by Becky from Nebraska

Originally from Maryland, the first crab cake originated in Chesapeake, and then spread like wildfire, where ever crab meat was available. Traditional crab cakes are deep fried and often not included on diet plans, but DaVita renal dietitian Becky from Nebraska knows how to make recipes kidney friendly and lower the fat a bit. Serve Crab Cakes as an appetizer or snack. You can also team these cakes with rice and a salad for a main meal.

Becky grew up active in sports and considered food fuel for her physical activity. She says, “Nutrition was always an important factor and sparked my interest in becoming a dietitian.” Becky attended the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and admits she was led into the renal field because, “I really enjoy the environment, the time available to spend with patients and getting to know each patient as if they were a part of my family.”

The most challenging part of her job, according to Becky, is trying to be creative with her diet teachings and retain her patients’ interest in learning. She is most rewarded when, “my patients get that ‘ah ha’ moment and everything I’ve been trying to teach them makes sense. I help make a difference in patients’ lives by providing education and support.”

Getting to know patients on an individual basis is a positive aspect that many dietitians mention, and Becky is no different. “I use a personal approach and talk with them, not only about things happening in the clinic setting, but also in their own lives away from dialysis. When it comes to improving health, I believe the most important thing patients can do is play an active role in understanding their condition, treatment, care and improvement of quality of life.”

New recipes or educational approaches can be effective, helpful and popular with patients. “They really enjoy when I make the recipe of the month for them to sample, and provide the recipe, so they can recreate it at home.” Becky has been with DaVita a couple of years and says she really appreciates the resources available to teammates and patients. “I never thought this job would be so fun!” she admits. “The thing that makes me feel great about my job is the gratitude received from patients and family members when they let you know that your hard work is appreciated.”

Treat yourself to something a little different than your typical food fare. You’ll appreciate the incredible aroma of Becky’s Crab Cakes as they cook, and then enjoy the flavor combination of the crab, veggies and spices in the tender patties when you eat. If you prefer a slightly sweeter crab cake, try using Dungeness crab for Becky’s recipe. Fresh or canned crabs are both suitable. Watch for sales at your local grocer to get a better deal.


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