Pancakes and Low Fat Heavenly Fruit Hash by Becky from Texas

Some people know what they want to be when they grow up at a very early age. Becky was one of those people. “I have been interested in food and nutrition ever since was a small child,” she recalls. “I used to always help the women in my family in the kitchen with preparing and serving meals. As I grew up, I became aware of nutrition’s effects on health, as well as preventive medicine,” Becky states.

Becky’s passion for food led her to pursue a formal education in nutrition. Since graduating from Nicholls State University in Louisiana, she has enjoyed a successful career as a dietitian for 14 years.

Right from the start, DaVita was a perfect fit. “It is a great company that is supportive of dietitians,” Becky explains. “The most rewarding aspect of my job is working with a team and seeing results in lab work reflecting improved patient compliance.”

Becky also enjoys working in the dialysis center itself, which now serves six surrounding counties and approximately 140 patients. “Our center was recently renovated and five new stations were added, including an isolation room. The patients were excited to receive individual television sets. We are now modern and updated as well as have a very attractive unit,” says Becky.

Perhaps what Becky finds most fulfilling about working at DaVita, is providing information to patients who truly want to learn more about dialysis and their dialysis diet. She shares, “We have a patient named Darren, who is young, energetic and eager to help others. During the renovation phase of our facility, he felt sorry for patients who had to travel a long way down the hall to the newly added-on area. So he stayed after his shift and volunteered for weeks to escort patients to their new clinical section. In between shifts he would help me assemble cookbooks and introductory packets of diet information, make countless copies of handouts and any other clerical help I needed. He was happy to be paid with a “thank you” from the staff and all the patients he assisted. He always got a renal-healthy lunch provided by me, which in turn, opened up his eyes to new food choices available for him at fast food restaurants.”

One good turn deserves another, so in honor of Darren here are Becky’s delicious recipes for Pancake and Low Fat Heavenly Fruit Hash.


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