Jambalaya by Brittney from Louisiana

We all enjoy new challenges on the job after years of working in the same field. For Brittney, that’s precisely what led her to DaVita. “I had worked as a dietitian in a hospital for four years and did not feel I was being challenged,” admits Brittney.  “I was actively searching for something different when a physician approached me and asked, ‘Have you ever considered renal?’  So that day I called for an interview.”

After growing up in Mississippi and attending the University of Southern Mississippi, Brittney moved to Louisiana in 2000. She later joined DaVita in 2002 and now finds that working as a dietitian in “The Big Easy” presents additional challenges. New Orleans offers a variety of good food that is often high in sodium, potassium and phosphorus,” she says. “On Mondays in New Orleans it is ‘red beans and rice with sausage day.’ Trying to work this into my patients’ diets can be difficult.” 

Brittney likes to motivate patients with encouragement and develop a one-on-one relationship with them. She also likes using educational techniques that go “outside the box.” For instance, “When a patient comes into the unit with fluid exceeding >3.0 kg,” she explains, “I fill up a large bag to equal the weight they gained and ask them to carry it to their chair and back. Most are very surprised to see how heavy it truly is. This is a great educational opportunity for the patient.”

These days, Brittney enjoys just the right amount of challenge and fulfillment in her job. “It’s so rewarding to see patients improve in their lab work and tell you they are feeling better.” She adds, “We have all been through a lot in the past year with the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath. I have the privilege to work with great teammates who help keep your spirits up by laughing and having fun.”   

Why not enjoy some of that New Orleans fun for yourself? Try Brittney’s recipe for Jambalaya tonight.



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