Carrot Casserole by Christine from California

Christine from California knows how to make a veggie taste great. Carrot Casserole is a treat for youngsters and adults—plus it’s great as a leftover and can be frozen for another day.

When Christine was still a teenager in San Bruno, California, her grandmother developed heart disease and went on a low-sodium/low-fat diet. Wanting to help her beloved grandma in any way possible, Christine began a lifelong study on how diet affects health. She went on to study nutrition at the University of California, Davis.

Christine was led into the renal field through her work at acute hospitals, where she realized that renal care would allow her to get to know patients and their families. Now a dietitian with DaVita, Christine says the most challenging part of her job is to change what people have eaten and loved for years. But challenges turn into rewards when patients show an interest in their own health, want to understand their care and start to feel better. Christine shares, “I hope to make a difference in patients’ lives by helping them understand their condition and how to help themselves with a healthier diet. I really enjoy visiting patients and hearing about their lives whenever possible, since they’re kind of an extended family for me.”

She describes her approach as, “understanding and treating people respectfully.” And that can even mean having fun. Christine reports that sampling renal-diet recipes with her patients, “seems to be a hit, and inspires them to try new foods.”  Christine believes patients can improve their health by “understanding what is going on and taking responsibility.”

Over her eight years with DaVita, Christine says her fellow dietitians have provided fabulous educational resources. The continuous education programs that the company offers are also very much appreciated. She also enjoys the location of her center. “Our center is fairly large and diverse; in a convenient, downtown location and the patients and staff are friendly. We are close to wine country, gold country, the lakes and mountains. Our climate is ideal,” states Christine.

Try Christine’s Carrot Casserole and enjoy its smooth texture with a hint of cheddar. It’s a great side vegetable to accompany your meal.



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