Italian Style Shredded Beef by Connie from Virginia

Imagine the tantalizing fragrance as you simmer rump roast in red wine, garlic and spices, until the meat bubbles in its own juices. Sound heavenly? It’s called Italian Style Shredded Beef, tried and tested by DaVita renal dietitian Connie from Virginia. Italian Style Shredded Beef is economical and no more difficult to make than plugging in your crock pot — so get simmering! 

Connie grew up in South Dakota and entered South Dakota State University with an interest in nursing. After exposure to nutrition classes, Connie realized her passion was for dietetics. She moved with her navy family throughout the US and abroad until a part-time job opportunity led her to the renal field.

Devising innovative ways to keep patients motivated is the most challenging part of her job, according to Connie. The rewards come when patients improve their health and quality of life. “I take a genuine interest in my patients,” Connie says. “I make a difference in their lives by educating them on the importance of making good nutritional choices and the consequences of poor choices. I love sharing in their successes!”

Connie describes her approach as hands on and motivational. “Patients love it any time I do a cooking demonstration or prepare a recipe from the website for them to sample,” she says. “At our clinic we recently started a virtual bike race. The patients race from Virginia to California over three months. The number of miles they move each month is based on their phosphorus levels. After explaining the rules of the race, in what I thought was a crystal clear fashion, one patient looked at me with a puzzled expression and said, ‘I don’t think I can ride my bike that far.’ Needless to say, I had not explained what ‘virtual’ meant!”

In addition to showing patients what to eat and creating motivational games, Connie says, “I try to recognize their individual challenges and motivate each one to achieve their personal best. The single most important thing patients can do is keep a positive attitude.”

According to Connie, “I’ve been with DaVita for one-and-a-half years. The positive, team-oriented approach to patient care is what I enjoy most. DaVita is a wonderful company that recognizes and rewards the success of their teammates. Wonderful patients and caring teammates make it special.”

Connie’s Italian Style Shredded Beef recipe qualifies as sure-fire comfort food. Crock-pot simplicity makes it easy to satisfy eight hungry appetites at once, or save some for later to have easy heat-and-serve leftovers.


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