Eggplant Seafood Casserole and Asian Cabbage Slaw by Corby from Texas

Being a dietitian is actually Corby’s second career. As a native Texan, she first worked as a laboratory technician for Gulf Chemicals and Chevron Chemicals for 15 years. Then her interest in biology brought her to nutrition and dietetics. After graduating from Lamar University with a bachelor’s of science in nutrition, Corby began working in South Louisiana where she developed a penchant for Cajun cooking.

Today Corby finds her work as a dietitian both challenging and rewarding.  “I like the challenge of ‘selling change’ in dietary habits to patients and their families,” she shares. “And I love the rewards of seeing the results in lab work when someone implements change and practices self-care behaviors.”

A DaVita team member for just over a year, Corby really enjoys and appreciates her teammates, patients and the company support of renal dietitians. “I hope to make a difference in patients’ lives by promoting healthy lifestyles to patients living with a chronic disease through education and encouragement.”

Corby is also making a difference by providing unique recipes like Eggplant Seafood Casserole and Asian Cabbage Slaw. Try them for yourself.


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