Mixed Berry Protein Smoothie by Cynthia from Utah

Have you noticed the year ‘round selection of berries now available in the produce aisle and frozen section of grocery stores? That’s because people are discovering those sweet, pretty little berries also have powerful health benefits including cancer-fighting antioxidants and vision-helping lutein — not to mention berries are kidney-friendly fruits. DaVita renal dietitian, Cynthia from Utah, created a berry-based, protein-packed smoothie that whips up in a jiffy and can even be frozen for later. It’s called Mixed Berry Protein Smoothie— great for breakfast, or anytime as a snack.

Raised in Wells, Nevada, Cynthia decided early on that she wanted to learn and eventually teach nutrition. This desire led her to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and into the renal field.

After being with DaVita for seven years, Cynthia says she loves the dietitian support available with the company and everything she’s learned working with her patients. “Live your life the best you can today. That’s the motto I’ve learned by working here,” states Cynthia.

“I’ve learned how to be a better dietitian and person with the help of DaVita, teammates and patients,” says Cynthia, adding, “I’m so grateful to work for a company that cares. Our center is so special; it’s surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers right by the city. I have mountain access from my back door. I’m very grateful for all this, and all that I have.”

As with any job, being a renal dietitian has challenges and rewards. According to Cynthia, “The most challenging aspect of my job involves insurance coverage, so patients can afford their bone management medications. The most rewarding aspect of my job is improving people’s lives and helping patients. I try to make a difference by being positive and my approach is always to practice patience.”

Cynthia feels that the most important thing patients can do to improve their health is to be involved with their treatment. When patients are honest about their needs and communicate with their doctor, nurse, dietitian and social worker they tend to stay involved. Cynthia recommends that to keep patients interested in their care, health care professionals should, “Listen, listen, listen and listen some more. That is an approach I’ve found most effective and helpful with patients.”

Give yourself a berry-boost with a Mixed Berry Protein Smoothie, the protein-packed, creamy fruit drink is quick and easy to make in a blender. Breakfast or snack time, it’s a great, kidney-friendly food choice.  


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