Crock Pot Lemon Roasted Chicken by Deanna from Ohio

Slow cooked and juicy, Crock Pot Lemon Roasted Chicken is a dream of a recipe for busy people who come home hungry and want dinner waiting. It was submitted by Deanna, a DaVita dietitian located in Ohio. Deanna says she had an initial interest in nutrition and fitness from a wellness perspective, which blossomed into a focus on the renal area during her dietetic internship. Previously with another dialysis provider for seven years, Deanna is new to DaVita.

Originally from Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Deanna attended Miami University, which is also in Ohio. Deanna comments that the most challenging aspect of her job is finding ways to communicate serious information in an uplifting way. “Breaking down complicated information so that a person can understand it is rewarding and allows ample opportunity for conversation, which I enjoy very much,” she says. “The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health is determine priorities and simplify a difficult regimen so they can stay consistent with it.”

Deanna shares, “I enjoy working at DaVita because the company addresses tasks with a fun approach. We have a great nursing team—kind, thorough, smart, with great senses of humor. On most days there is a lot of laughter here. Our center is new, so this was our first year doing the Wall of Fame. (A wall in the dialysis center decorated with pictures of DaVita teammates and patients.) We distributed biography forms to the patients requesting 20, fun tidbits of information. They only had to answer 4 out of 20, but most answered them all. We truly enjoyed learning more about each other.”

Take a few minutes to assemble the crock pot and get together the ingredients for Deanna’s Crock Pot Roasted Lemon Chicken. In the morning, follow the recipe, plug in the crock pot, and leave for the day. When you come home, a hot, nutritious meal will be waiting. What a way to treat yourself right!


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