Cauliflower with Garlic Sauce by Diana from New Mexico

Finding the humor and the silver lining during difficult times are Diana’s recommendations for good health. Following your kidney diet and taking prescribed medicines are extremely important but DaVita renal dietitian Diana from New Mexico believes having a hopeful disposition can make a world of difference too. She says, “Maintaining a positive attitude and sense of humor are the most important things patients can do to improve their health.”

Many wise and successful people swear by the motto: “Enjoy the process.”   Understandably, medical procedures and dieting aren’t known for their “fun” qualities, but being able to find joy and successes each step of the way makes the challenges and the journey to good health less stressful and more controllable.

Becoming a dietitian was an easy choice for Diana. “The relationship between dietary choices and health has always fascinated me,” she says. Part of the attraction to the renal field for Diana was the combination of science and emotional well-being. Diana shares, “The renal rotation was the most interesting part of my internship. I was amazed by the good attitudes of some of these very sick people.”  Diana saw first hand how the power of positive thinking made patients live a happier, healthy life.

The pride that comes from helping people is another special quality Diana possesses. “I try to make a difference in patients’ lives when possible by taking the time to get to know them, and finding a way to help each patient feel special,” states Diana.  She has a friendly, laid back approach to put patients at ease. “I help patients to feel comfortable sharing with me by using a casual approach,” admits Diana. 

Being a renal dietitian is a demanding career because helping people change their eating habits can be very emotional.  “The most challenging part of my job is helping patients understand the importance of following their diets,” shares Diana. Though it’s a slow educational process, Diana is constantly inspired by her patients. “I enjoy making a difference in their quality of life,” Diana says, adding, “When patients change from consistently having poor lab results to wanting to take good care of themselves, and as a result begin to feel better, I feel rewarded.”

Diana, who has been with DaVita for three years, thrives on the fast-paced energy.  “There’s never a dull moment! No matter how good a job you may be doing, you can always do a little bit better,” she says.

Take it from Diana — there is always room in life for more happiness, laughter and, of course, low potassium and phosphorus veggies! Give Diana’s Cauliflower with Garlic Sauce recipe a try with your next meal. It’s simple, quick and delicious.





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