Beach Boy Omelet and High Protein Smoothie by Ester from Florida

Looking for a lazy day of casual meals? How about a Beach Boy Omelet or a High Protein Smoothie to start things off? These recipes are designed to deliver maximum nutrition with minimal effort. So kick back, relax and eat well.

DaVita dietitian Ester from Florida says her early years as the citizen of an African nation focused her attention on malnutrition and the part food could play in nutrition therapy. Ester graduated in 1973 with a BS degree and says, “The more I practiced with acute and chronic patients, the more my interest deepened in the renal field. Achieving nutritional goals in general has been very challenging, and at times I find it depressing that poverty and lack of education play such a huge role in the development of malnutrition. But the more I see an improved nutritional status of individuals and their community, the more I feel rewarded.”

Ester takes a thoughtful approach in treating her Florida population. “I look for the cause of malnutrition. Is it low income? Alcohol and drug addiction? Adult or childhood obesity? A combination of these factors? I design a plan of care to suit the cause and establish a rapport with patients to earn their trust,” explains Ester. “When counseling, I approach each patient with a precise plan of care goals that are achievable and suitable to their economic level. I emphasize the role they can play in achieving those goals and provide them with every support possible including educational materials, seminars, Internet articles, samples of nutritional supplements and education on the nutritional content of foods. I also provide them with a copy of their lab work to show measurable outcomes relating to their adherence.”

Ester describes her center as very warm, with a homey atmosphere that makes her job enjoyable. The clinic is in a shopping center, close to two pharmacies, two nursing homes and a hospital. She says the only disadvantage is the fast food sandwich store located three doors away. Ester adds,” I love working at DaVita and wouldn’t give it up for the world.”

Put Ester’s expertise to good use in your kitchen and try her Beach Boy Omelet and High Protein Smoothie. Both recipes are delightful examples of great taste and balanced nutrition for relatively low cost.



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