Lemon Cookies by Fay from Missouri

Fay brings 28 years of expertise to her patients and fellow DaVita teammates. She chose to specialize in the renal field because of her commitment to helping people and interest in meeting a new challenge. Fay states, “I enjoy combining the fields of nutrition and science, and being able to work with people in a health care setting.”

The challenge didn’t end with learning her profession. Fay addresses the difficulties her patients face with the dialysis diet on a daily basis. Fay admits, “Trying to get patients to make changes in their eating habits, to live a longer and healthier life, isn’t always easy.”

The secret weapons to Fay’s success are persistence and patience. She is creative in her teaching methods and has learned a few tricks for teaching that work. “Educational word searches and puzzles with prizes awarded are very helpful and effective in the educational process,” shares Fay.  

In addition to enjoying teaching her patients about good eating habits, Fay also appreciates the opportunity to make a personal connection with her patients. “I have a really nice group of patients. I feel most rewarded knowing I’m making a positive impact on their health,” says Fay, who is always available for questions. “I really enjoy getting to know my patients on a long term basis.”

Fay believes that having a positive outlook on life is a key ingredient to being happy and healthy. Fay keeps her positive outlook by turning to her fellow DaVita teammates. “It’s a great group of people who work here. We probably have the largest group of employees who have worked together the most number of years, cumulatively.”

Another gratifying aspect of working for DaVita is witnessing the success of the community outreach programs sponsored by the company. Fay believes, “The most interesting new initiative is the development of dialysis clinics in underprivileged countries. I can only imagine there is an incredible need for it.”

Fay brings warmth, hope and enlightenment to her patients. Try her delicious, light and easy-to-make Lemon Cookie recipe and add a refreshing treat to your renal diet.




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