Red, White and Blue Pie by Heather from Missouri

Ask me to show you a caring dietitian and I’ll show you Heather from the “Show Me” state of Missouri. Heather was introduced to her future career when she took a nutrition class as an elective in college. She obviously liked the field, as she continued to study it all the way to a master’s degree from the University of Memphis in Tennessee.  

Heather has been practicing her profession at her Missouri DaVita center for about eight years. She enjoys working with the other dietitians there and the continuing educational opportunities DaVita provides.

Although it is often a challenge to get people to change life-long habits, Heather is rewarded for her persistence when she helps her patients achieve a goal. “I explain clinical recommendations and medical advice in understandable and practical terms so that patients are able to put that information into practice in their daily lives,” she says.

Here’s one of Heather’s recommendations you can put into practice. A treat for the fourth of July, the fifth or any day you want to celebrate your independence—with Red, White and Blue Pie.


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