Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookies by Jackie from North Dakota

With the price of food skyrocketing these days, DaVita dietitians are on the lookout for recipes that can save you money while staying compliant with your food plan. Jackie from North Dakota looked at the price of pre-packaged cookies and came to the rescue with a delicious, sugar-dusted cookie that melts in your mouth while it puts spending in the deep freeze.

Good eating habits came easily to Jackie, because she was taught them by her mother. “My mother raised me to always make healthy food choices,” she says. “It definitely rubbed off on me.” Jackie was led into the renal field when an earlier job as a clinical dietitian in a hospital referred outpatients. “One of the nephrologists kept referring CKD patients to me, and that’s how my interest began.”

 Originally from Aberdeen, South Dakota, Jackie attended North Dakota State University. She admits that once out of school and in the work-world, challenges presented themselves. “Gaining the respect of patients is the most challenging aspect of my job. Once they respect you, they listen! The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing the happiness a patient has when they meet their goal.”

Jackie loves to make a difference in patients’ lives by helping them achieve the goals they set. There are many enjoyments for a dietitian who is actively engaged with patients, and Jackie says, “Seeing the improvements made in their overall health when they first start dialysis is the best of all. My approach is laid back, and I’m a very good listener.”

With three years of employment at DaVita under her belt, Jackie says she most enjoys the support and education provided in the workplace. The most surprising thing she’s learned over that time is information on Mineral Bone Disease. “What a complex, yet interesting, disease state!” she observes.

The centers that Jackie serves are located in Fargo and Oakes, North Dakota. She says, “Fargo was the first DaVita to open in North Dakota. Fargo is the greatest city in the world!”

If you’d like to put the pinch on food costs, and eat a better quality of snack, look no further than Jackie from North Dakota’s Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookies. With six simple basic ingredients, (and one optional one) you can enjoy a top nutritional item and save a few dollars.


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