High Protein Gelatin Power Cubes by Jami from Kansas 

Can you name one high protein, wiggly jiggly finger food with only eighty-five calories per serving? Jami from Kansas can—High Protein Gelatin Power Cubes. Jami devised this high-protein snack that’s fun to eat with your fingers. All you need is some gelatin, some whey protein powder and a pan. You’re good to go!

Jami was born and raised in Kansas, and attended Kansas State University. As Jami says, “Go Cats!!” She became a dietitian because she was always interested in healthy eating and physical activity. “I like working with people,” says Jami. “When I was younger, my sister had an eating disorder, and it was a very difficult time for my family.  I had a really huge focus on food and healthy eating because of this. I wanted to be able to help people with their nutrition, to make a difference.”

During her education and clinical training, Jami worked with renal patients who she found interesting and challenging. “I took other avenues at the beginning of my career,” she says, “but when this renal position presented itself to me I didn’t hesitate to make a change in my path.”

Jami mentions that the most challenging aspects of her job are phosphorus and phosphate binders. But she’s amply rewarded by patients who need her. “I love helping them get what they deserve!”  She adds, “I hope I give them some ideas to be able to fit the foods into their diets that they enjoy. Every patient has a unique story, and I enjoy getting to know each of them. I would describe my approach as Smile, Listen, and Encourage!”

Jami has some solid ideas about how patients can improve their health, such as, “Be positive.” She also tries to be creative and encourage “out of the box” food combining, such as trying cream cheese on meat sandwiches. Anything that works!

“I have worked for DaVita about four and a half years,” Jami says. “What I enjoy most about the company is that DaVita wants what is best for patients and teammates. The most surprising thing I’ve learned since I started working at DaVita is how many people with health issues, too many, have to worry about how they will pay for their medicine.”

“We just recently completed the Wall of Fame at my facility. We chose Prom Night as our theme, and hung up silver stars and covered a balloon with tinfoil to make a “disco ball.”  One teammate and her daughter cut out and decorated prom dresses and tuxedos.  Pictures of our patients’ faces were attached to the dresses and tuxedos.  They enjoyed seeing who they were “dancing” with.  We asked them, “What year was your senior prom? Did you go? What did you wear? What was your favorite song to dance to?”  This brought back lots of fun memories for the patients and the teammates.”

“On the big day, a table was set up with cake and punch. Terri, a teammate, downloaded everybody’s favorite song and burned it to a CD.  These songs played over and over throughout the two days that we celebrated the Wall of Fame. As I was speaking to one patient about her prom memories and favorite song, she said, “I bet they couldn’t find my song, it’s called ‘A Summer Place.’ As she was walking up to the cookie and punch table, getting ready to leave the unit, Terri started playing this particular patient’s song. This patient just stood there, looking into space, enjoying her punch. When the song finished, she said to Terri, “Thank you so much for that!”

It’s easy to see why Jami enthusiastically claims thatwonderful patients and teammates” make her facility special. And it’s conveniently located right off a main road. Jami’s recipe is special too: High Protein Gelatin Power Cubes, a fun-to-eat finger food that makes getting enough protein easier.


High Protein Gelatin Power Cubes

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