Luscious Lime Dessert by Janet from North Carolina

How easy is this Luscious Lime Dessert? It’s so easy it has just three ingredients that you freeze, spin in the blender and eat. Janet of North Carolina shares this recipe, knowing that sometimes you just have to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Janet credits her high school chemistry teacher with nurturing her initial interest in nutrition. From there, Janet attended Valparaiso University in Indiana, and joined the DaVita team three years ago.

Janet says, “The most challenging aspect of my job is getting patients to adhere to the recommended regimen, but the most rewarding aspect is when I see them conquering their fears or overcoming lifelong eating habits to make a change. Forming relationships over time with patients and sharing in their success is what I enjoy the most.”

Janet’s approach to guiding her patients includes taking a sincere interest in each individual’s life and having a bit of fun while challenging them to succeed. “The most important thing a patient can do to improve their health is to eat a variety of foods that will maintain phosphorus levels below 5.5 and albumin at or above 4.0. An activity that new patients enjoy is sampling supplements such as protein bars and high protein gelatin—it teaches them new choices for healthier snacks.”

Janet feels her teammates are very special and she’s been inspired watching the team deal with adversity. “I saw first-hand how the DaVita ‘One for all and all for one’ approach works when one of my teammates faced the serious illness of her child. We have a close-knit community and we care about each other and our patients. An example of how our team works toward excellence is the Annual Wall of Fame. (Many DaVita centers decorate a wall in their unit with pictures of teammates and patients.) We put our hearts into the creation of it, and we’ve been awarded best in our region for three years!”

If you’ve been waiting for the easiest recipe ever, you’ve found it. Try Janet’s Luscious Lime Dessert. It needs no cooking and you get to lick the spoon.


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