Tender London Broil by Jean from Iowa

It’s difficult to adjust to any new diet, but trying to adopt a healthy kidney diet is a challenge. Jean, a DaVita dietitian from Iowa, teaches her patients to celebrate the delicious aspects of their diet. “I take a positive approach — focusing on foods that patients can eat, instead of the ones they need to avoid,” she says. Like her Tender London Broil recipe.

Jean became a dietitian because, “First, I’ve always loved food. Second, I found studying nutrition was very interesting.” Jean adds, “And, I still find it interesting as we’re learning new ideas all the time.” 

Working at DaVita provides Jean with a constant supply of new resources. “Education materials, recipes and everything we need is often already developed for dietitians on the DaVita website.”

While DaVita dietitians teach their patients about maintaining health through nutrition, patients bring rewards and insights to dietitians by sharing their personal stories and struggles. “Getting to know my patients and their diverse life experiences is what I enjoy most,” shares Jean.

A frustrating obstacle patients often face is breaking old eating habits. “The most challenging aspect of my job is motivating patients to change their behavior,” admits Jean. Even though it’s difficult to inspire her patients to embrace a new lifestyle, Jean finds success with her constructive approach. “I make a difference in my patient’s lives by staying positive and being a resource without being judgmental.”

When it comes to advice about how patients can improve their health, Jean mentions, “The most important things patients can do is take an active role in managing their health, ask questions and be involved in their care. The DaVita.com website is a great tool for patients,” she adds. Jean also believes that having a good attitude is another crucial tool for happiness and health. She admits that looking on the bright side while maintaining a healthy diet is hard, but it will bring many rewards. 

Jean has been a member of the DaVita team for three years and keeps her patients up-to-date on the newest and best information. “I keep resources in front of patients and family members. I rotate a variety of recipes, handouts and activities in the patient waiting room,” she says.

Her fresh attitude and love of food make Jean a successful member of DaVita’s dietitian team. She plays an important role in her patient’s lives by providing recipes, such as her easy and savory Tender London Broil. Make it tonight and see if it’s a hit with your family.



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