Crock Pot Fruited Pork Loin Roast by Jean from Minnesota 

Cold weather comfort food doesn’t get any better than this! Crock Pot Fruited Pork Loin Roast by Jean from Minnesota is a slow-cooker’s dream. It serves 12 portions, making it a great choice for holiday entertaining. 

Originally from Eau Claire, WI, Jean spent thirty years in Cottage Grove, MN.  She attended the University of Wisconsin, earning her B.S. and M.S. in Food Science and Nutrition. Jean says she became a dietitian because a science-based helping profession was perfect for utilizing her education degree. “I was led into the renal field where medical complexity and teamwork was needed,” she says. 

“Gaining control of the bone disease in our patients and simultaneously maintaining high serum albumin levels is the greatest challenge, “Jean says. The high number of patients is a challenge, Jean admits, but working with caring physicians, nurses, and PCTs makes it all worth while. Making a difference in patients’ lives is a matter of encouraging them to make the most of each day, emphasizing positive control and having hope. “I really enjoy working daily flexibility into my patients’ diets,” she says. “I love having time to follow up and get to know them. My approach is always gentle with empathy and patience, while also keeping a hopeful anticipation.” 

The single most important thing patients can do to improve health, according to Jean, is to follow the diet. (She adds an exclamation mark, after saying that!) It’s also important to come to all treatments and stay the prescribed time. About twelve years ago, Jean says she developed a game called Phosphorus Bingo. “Flip charts and bulletin boards are also useful,” she adds. 

Jean has worked for DaVita twelve and a half years. Of all the enrichment DaVita provides, she finds the dietitian peer group and Dietitian Connection meetings most enjoyable and very informative. “The most surprising thing I’ve learned since starting here years ago, is that every teammate is equally important in their contribution to patient care. “ An elderly patient endeared Jean to him when he asked her to attend an appointment so she could “listen” for him. 

Jean works at not one, but three centers in Minnesota, including Capitol in St. Paul, River City in Stillwater, and Cottage Grove. She says cultural diversity at the inner-city Capitol Unit makes it special. “Patients and family members are so close there, that it feels like a church “, she comments. 

Finally, Jean says, “The time and effort needed at the inner-city Capitol Unit to accomplish similar results and level of care is so much greater at the other units that I cover. There is a  high work load for all disciplines at Capitol. Patients are doing very well there, however. Working at my hometown unit gives me special pride and a very good understanding of community resources, patients, etc.” 

Jean is happy to share her slow-cooked holiday pork recipe with you and yours. In the morning, just toss the ingredients for Crock Pot Fruited Pork Loin Roast together, plug in the pot, and by evening you’ll have a feast for twelve! 


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