Maryland Lump Crab Cakes by Joann from North Carolina

Crab meat has a sweet, delicate flavor that’s packed with protein and is low in fat. Joann, a DaVita dietitian from North Carolina, shares her scrumptious recipe for Maryland Lump Crab Cakes that’s simple to make, but creates the illusion of gourmet, seaside cuisine. Joann’s delicious Maryland Lump Crab Cakes  are a small pleasure that can make big waves around the table.

Joann knows that little gestures make the biggest differences, especially with her patients. She states, “My patients appreciate me — even the ones who don’t do well with their lab work. They know I tell them to do better because I care for each and every one of them.”

While Joann is firm, she delivers her message with consideration for her patients’ feelings and fears. “I’m a ‘Don’t Deny... Modify’ kinda girl. My approach is liberal, I guess. I never say ‘never’ to most patients when it comes to food choices. I try to teach that occasionally all foods can be eaten in small amounts,” shares Joann.

Knowledge is the best tool Joann has to help her patients become healthier. “Education, oh, the power of education,” Joann begins, adding, “Teaching renal patients to eat right and make good choices can be difficult but it is worth it. Good labs do turn out a healthier more energetic dialysis patient, and patients tell me they feel better, too. It’s a challenge to get renal patients to understand the relationship of diet and good health but the most rewarding aspect of my job is knowing I have helped someone make a difference in their life by understanding the importance of diet, medicines and dialysis. The most important thing a kidney patient can do to improve their health is keep their phosphorus under control.”

Joann shares her love for learning with her patients every day. “I really like DaVita because of all the patient educational material. There is something for everything you can think of, it’s wonderful. And, the most surprising thing I’ve learned since working with DaVita is how the renal patients adjust to and make dialysis a part of their daily lives.”

The personal relationships Joann has with her patients inspire her daily. “I get little notes from the patients telling me how I should feel good about myself because they notice what a good job I’m doing and that they know that I do really care. They come at a time when I usually need them, too,” shares Joann.

Becoming a dietitian was the natural choice for Joann. “I wanted to learn more about eating and staying healthy via diet, because as they say, ‘you are what you eat.’ And, I was led to the renal field simply by a job opening. I couldn’t move at that time and a dialysis position came available in the area.” Luck brought Joann into the perfect field for her educational passion.

Now you can feel lucky with Joann’s recipe for Maryland Lump Crab Cakes. You don’t have to live by the ocean, go on an expensive vacation, or be a gourmet chef to enjoy this delicious and impressive dish. Make a splash with your family and friends; try Joann’s Maryland Lump Crab Cakes.


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