Old Fashioned Salmon Soup and All American Meatloaf by Joyce from Michigan

There is nothing better than a serving of comfort food. It can make you happy when you’re sad and can be the cherry-on-top of your best day. Joyce, a DaVita dietitian from Michigan, shares two kidney-friendly recipes that are both comforting and loaded with health benefits: an updated Old Fashioned Salmon Soup and a renal-friendly All American Meatloaf. 

Joyce, who grew up in the Midwest and attended college at Central Michigan University, recently made the switch from working in-center to the Davita At-Home program where she works with home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients in their unique environments. 

What hasn't changed is the fierce desire to help people that led Joyce to dietetics in the first place. “I was very interested in how good nutrition could help keep people healthier,” recalls Joyce. She shares many dialysis-friendly recipes, cooking tips and educational advice with her patients and provides a great deal of understanding. Joyce is sensitive to the difficulties her patients face adhering to their diets and their struggles to keep their lab work at healthy levels. 

The most rewarding part of Joyce’s career is witnessing the accomplishments of her patients. “Getting to know them and being inspired by them is the most enjoyable aspect of my work,” confides Joyce. 

While a nutritious, well-balanced diet is an important ingredient for a healthy life, Joyce also believes in the power of a good attitude. “Stay positive and count your blessings,” advises Joyce. Even through the difficult times Joyce is a firm believer that an optimistic outlook is one of the key elements to a happy, well-rounded life. 

After years with the DaVita family, Joyce says she continues to enjoy working here, due to the company's "organized sharing of information, especially recipes and educational materials." When you visit a DaVita dialysis center, not only do you receive knowledge and expertise from the people in that center, you also benefit from the wisdom of DaVita teammates from all over the country. 

Joyce makes a difference by giving practical tips, encouragement and lots of smiles to her patients. Now she invites you to dish up her delicious Old Fashioned Salmon Soup and All American Meatloaf . It’s comfort food the whole family can enjoy. 


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