Power Punch by Joyce from North Carolina

Protein drinks are very popular these days, and protein powder is a quick, economical way to get more in your diet. DaVita dietitian, Joyce, and PD nurse, Teresa, both from North Carolina, put their heads together to improve upon a patient’s original recipe. They call it Power Punch. The cranberry-tangerine juice makes a frothy, pink concoction that goes down smooth and is perfect to jumpstart your morning or to pick you up in the afternoon.

Pensacola, Florida was Joyce’s hometown growing up and nutrition became her major in home economics. She attended college in Tennessee and Mississippi and went on to teach home economics at Greater Boston Academy. It was during clinical rotation at a renal unit when Joyce decided her desired field was renal dietetics.

Joyce prefers to spend her time working with her patients, stating, “The most challenging part of my job is using the computer and writing.” On the positive side, Joyce says, “The most rewarding aspect is that ’ah-ha!’ moment when a patient gets it, and when I  see a patient’s quality of life improve due to compliance with treatment, medication and diet. I love educating new patients and their families about the renal diet.”

To help her patients get the most out of their time together, Joyce shares, “My approach is generally to interpret what the patient already knows and expand on it.”

According to Joyce, “The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health is exercise—it improves appetite, fights depression and helps control blood pressure and diabetes.”

An employee of Gambro since 1997, Joyce joined DaVita in 2005, and says she is most impressed by the educational materials the company makes available online. Joyce especially enjoys the events that allow her to meet fellow DaVita teammates across the country.

When it comes to her center, Joyce shares, “Our center is special with its cool, restful colors designed especially for the dialysis community. Our unit has between 90–100 hemodialysis patients and 20–25 home peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients. The location is near my home and easily accessible. I can actually watch geese migrate in the spring and fall.”

Joyce says that sampling Power Punch with the patients at her center was a hit. She served it with a peppermint swizzle stick and patients loved it. They asked questions about where to find the protein powder and ways to vary the recipe.

Find out why patients in North Carolina are raving about Power Punch. Grab some juice, protein powder and a blender and give it a try.







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