Garden Veggie Dip, Cranberries in Snow and Sweet Cherry Cream Pie by Kim from Missouri

Kim, a DaVita dietitian from Missouri, wanted to help people since her youth. A personal experience led her to be a dietitian. Kim shares, “I had a friend in high school who had anorexia; and the dietitian she worked with was a huge part of her survival.”  Watching her friend’s recovery was so inspiring that it sealed her career choice. “I knew I wanted to help people, and nutrition has always been important to me,” says Kim.

Bringing over 19 years of experience to the DaVita team, Kim helps her patients maintain their health and achieve success. “I try to be a good listener and offer ways to make following their diets easier,” she says. Although Kim is an expert, she still faces challenges. “It can be difficult finding different ways to keep patients motivated to follow their diets,” she admits.

Kim uses her creativity to educate her patients about new recipes and eating well. “I do lobby demonstrations on different topics at the dialysis center and that seems to be helpful.”

Honesty and kindness are always at the heart of Kim’s work. “I treat my patients the way I would want to be treated,” shares Kim. Her greatest pleasure comes when her patients are triumphant in meeting their goals. “I enjoy when they have a success and I can share it with them.”

Kim believes the most important thing patients can do to improve their health is, “Remember, when following your diet, to keep moderation in mind.” Kim is confident patients can have a positive outcome with moderation and balance.

Kim is proud that DaVita provides ways of helping people maintain their health. “DaVita’s resources are excellent. The dietitian meetings are a great way to keep communication up-to-date, and we have a caring staff,” says Kim.

Kim likes to show she cares by providing tasty, nutritious and renal-friendly recipes for her patients to try. Now you can get cooking with recipes for Kim’s savory Garden Veggie Dip, her sweet and tart Cranberries in Snow and don’t forget Sweet Cherry Cream Pie.



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