Lemon Pound Cake by Krista from Maryland

If your dessert menu calls for a perennial favorite, it’s hard to go wrong with pound cake. But why go for the same old, same old, when you can give a little twist of lemon to this grand recipe from yesteryear? In her Lemon Pound Cake, Krista from Maryland combined vanilla and lemon extracts for a fragrant addition to the creamy, finely textured batter.

Krista was born in Maryland, where she now lives and works, and attended college at Virginia Tech. “I became a dietitian because Ienjoyed cooking and nutrition, and another dietitian recommended it as a career direction for me,” she says.

Dietitians often cite the challenges of working with people to change their food habits, and renal is no exception to the rule. Krista says, “Creating variety in the diet is the most challenging aspect of my job.” But rewards are there too and seeing patients feel better is something she looks forward to. “I try tomake a difference in patients’ lives by encouraging them to try new things,” Krista points out.

DaVita encourages diversity and many dietitians cite variety among their patient population as a favorite attribute. Krista is no exception. “I enjoy working with patients from a  variety of backgrounds,” she emphasizes. The approach that works with this diverse population, is one of encouragement  and offering support wherever it’s needed. Staging fun contests and encouraging everyone to join in is another approach Krista employs to keep things stimulating and interesting.

The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health, according to Krista, is to follow the recommendations of the health care team. She has developed this wisdom over 15 years of employment with DaVita, and in that time, Krista has seen many innovations in the renal field as well as within DaVita. The company is well known for offering up-to-the-minute educational materials for staff and patients, and Krista says this is the aspect she enjoys most about being part of the DaVita team. “My center is located in Baltimore City and I like where it is situated,” Krista mentions. “The staff is very encouraging to the patients.”

Pound cake may have originated in Britain, but baking it and enjoying it are authentic American traditions. In 1796 the first cookbook authored by an American citizen, Amelia Simmons, was published and printed in the USA. In that milestone book were two recipes for pound cake! Fast forward to 2010 and Krista’s version of Lemon Pound Cake which yields sixteen slices of mouth-watering dessert, with a little bit of history baked in.


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