Cream Cheese Filled Peaches with Gelatin by Kristin from Ohio 

Cream Cheese Filled Peaches with Gelatin requires little effort to prepare but makes an artful presentation that tastes as refreshing as it looks. This kidney-friendly creation calls for creamy cream cheese nestled in tasty peach halves and all comes together when chilled within the cherry-flavored gelatin. 

Kristin is originally from Dresden, Ohio, home of the Longaberger Baskets! She attended Ohio University for her undergraduate studies and then University of Cincinnati for her graduate degree and dietetic internship. She says, “I became a dietitian because I have always been interested in the health care field. When I began taking Health Care Administration courses, “Introduction to Nutrition” was required. I fell in love with the science of food and soon changed my major.” During that time, Kristin did some field observations at a local hospital and spent time with a renal dietitian. She adds, “When I was on maternity leave with my son, I began searching for a part-time job and found two dialysis facilities in the area that were hiring. A few years later the dialysis facility I worked for became a DaVita dialysis center.” 

Kristin admits that the most challenging aspect of her job is motivating kidney patients to make better food choices to improve outcomes and health. “The rewards materialize when I finally get a dialysis patient’s outcomes to improve after working month after month on the same issue(s). To see the smile of accomplishment on a patient’s face is worth all the time spent with that person.” Kristin also adds that she always tries to make her patients smile. 

There are many enjoyable things about working with DaVita dialysis patients, and Kristin comments that she has learned countless lessons. “I especially enjoy listening to the older patients reminisce about their younger years and what the world was like then. I try to establish a trusting relationship first, with any new patient. I like to learn about them and their families. I think once they realize I care, they are more receptive to my advice. The single most important thing dialysis patients can do to improve their health is to be proactive; ask questions and remember there is never a stupid question.” 

Kristin mentions that all the recipes are very popular with patients, and she really appreciates the support provided by DaVita’s Nutrition Services department. She has continued to enjoy her employment with DaVita. “I have worked with DaVita for 7 years in July 2009,” she adds. Finally, Kristin has this to say about her center and teammates, “What makes it special is we have fun!” 

Have some fun with Kristin’s kidney-friendly Cream Cheese Filled Peaches with Gelatin. It’s a great crowd pleaser for a potluck or a buffet, and it can even double as a dessert. 




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