Vegetarian Egg Fried Rice by June from Florida


When asked how she became a dietitian, June from Florida has an interesting answer, “This was a mid-life career change for me. I already had a degree in Engineering and Policy, and was working for years in the environmental field. In 2004 I co-authored a book about The St. Joe Co. and its development of the Florida Panhandle. Feeling a bit isolated as a writer, I hoped to pursue a PhD in clinical nutrition from Florida State but two busy teenagers and a husband who travels frequently was more stressful than I’d hoped, so I settled for the master’s degree in clinical nutrition. “



The renal rotation was something June enjoyed during her internship. “I liked getting to know the dialysis patients,” she said. “This was in marked contrast to other facilities such as hospitals, where you see the patient only for a brief period.”



June grew up in New Jersey, and did her undergraduate work at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. She went on to Washington University in St. Louis and Florida State University. She says the most challenging aspect of her job is, “Not getting too frustrated by non-compliant patients. The most rewarding aspect of my job is breaking through barriers to help otherwise non-compliant patients see the importance of adhering to their diets.”



Because the dialysis diet can be complicated, many patients, especially when they’re new to dialysis, need extra care to help them understand the diet. Many perceive the kidney diet to have excessive restrictions. She tries to help patients understand that there are many foods they can eat, such as her Vegetarian Egg Fried Rice and other recipes on “This is not new or innovative, but in the short time I’ve been at this job, I’ve learned the importance of conveying the same message in different ways,” says June.



“Patients help me keep the challenges in my own life in perspective,” she comments. June describes her approach as, “Respectful of patients as whole people. They’re more than dialysis patients alone. The single most important thing they can do to improve health is be compliant with kidney dialysis treatments.



In the year she has worked with DaVita, June admits she enjoys her team’s positive approach. “The most surprising thing I’ve learned is how much levity can be brought to the treatment floor while going about the serious business of dialysis. I’d been at work only a month when I got a speeding ticket on my way in to DaVita one morning. I mentioned it to one of our younger male patients, and he offered to write a legal brief to help contest the ticket, as he enjoyed acting as an amateur attorney and framing legal arguments. He asked for a copy of my summons, and within a few days, he’d written a very ‘interesting’  brief.  I ended up not contesting the ticket, but I was touched by the willingness of someone with a chronic illness to reach out and try to help others.”



June reaches out to those on a kidney diet with her recipe for Vegetarian Egg Fried Rice. Her recipe has the authentic flavor you’d get in a Chinese restaurant with much less sodium, potassium and phosphorus. Remember June’s recipe next time you have a craving for Chinese food and save a few bucks by making it at home, too.







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