Refreshing Raspberry Punch by Leanne from Pennsylvania

If achieving goals were easy, it wouldn’t feel like an accomplishment when they are reached. Looking at each challenge life presents with a positive attitude can make the hard times worth the effort. Leanne, a DaVita dietitian from Pennsylvania, has an exceptional attitude and believes in celebrating every success. Leanne’s perfect festive beverage is Refreshing Raspberry Punch. This delicious drink is simple to make, renal-friendly and is a real crowd pleaser and taste bud teaser.

Leanne makes eating well and healthy living look easy, but she knows it takes discipline. Every correct choice helps build a foundation in a person’s health and happiness. Leanne’s fresh attitude is contagious among her patients and teammates. Leanne admits, “As with any job, there are challenges. I would say the most challenging part of my job is motivating a patient to change a negative behavior to a positive behavior — a behavior that will reap positive outcomes and as a result an improved quality of life. I view the challenges as an opportunity to continuously learn new and creative educational techniques in teaching and motivating my patients.”

Having role models is helpful when it comes to navigating tricky, life situations and meeting goals. Seeing someone you respect make wise choices is inspiring. Leanne has had several exceptional people help guide her way. “Early in my career, I worked in a large hospital setting and often wandered over to the privately-owned dialysis clinic. I became very intrigued with the dynamics and workings of the dialysis clinic. I befriended the renal dietitian, and was very impressed at the passion and dedication she possessed toward her dialysis patients. I could see that this dietitian impacted her dialysis patients in an extremely positive manner. This special dietitian retired and I transitioned into her position as the renal dietitian. I found my "niche"! It’s the best decision I ever made!”

Before she ever knew about dietetics, Leanne learned her A-B-Cs in wholesome food from her first mentor. “As a young child, I was very interested in good nutrition and physical fitness. Growing up, my mother instilled in my brother and me, the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, when it was time to decide upon a career, Nutrition was something that always fascinated me. Thus, I aspired to become a dietitian. Happily, here I am today, as a dietitian for the most awesome dialysis company,” beams Leanne.

Every dialysis patient a DaVita dietitian touches helps create a healthier community of renal patients. Leanne takes her commitment seriously and feels joy from her hard work. “I find educating the patients and their families on issues surrounding a renal diet and lab values very fulfilling. The most rewarding part of my role as a renal dietitian is that I have the opportunity to meet some incredible patients, and I get the opportunity to know them as people, not just patients. Every patient has their own unique, interesting story, talents, tragedies, losses and successes. I feel privileged to have the honor of really getting to know my patients. As a renal dietitian, I have the ability to help improve my patients' quality of life. Wow, what an awesome thing!” states Leanne.

Being a DaVita dietitian is a great source of pride for Leanne. She shares, “I have been working as an outpatient renal dietitian for approximately 16 years and have worked for several different dialysis companies. DaVita is truly the provider and employer of choice. I am thrilled that DaVita places such an emphasis and value on their teammates and has the highest standards of care for their patients. DaVita rocks! I am excited about my role as a dietitian here.”

Have a little sip of Leanne’s Refreshing Raspberry Punch and taste her enthusiasm for life. She encourages all her patients to set goals and strive to be triumphant, just like her mentors taught her. Her Refreshing Raspberry Punch is a zingy, creamy, fruity drink that is great for a party or any day that needs a little zip. 


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