Lime Gelatin Salad with Cottage Cheese by Libby from Virginia

Jelly-mold salads hit their zenith in the 1950s, and have stayed a staple of potluck and buffet tables ever since. DaVita dietitian, Libby from Virginia, submits a variation on this vintage recipe by adding protein-packed cottage cheese as well as crunchy chopped celery and pineapple. Mix in lime gelatin and voila—Lime Gelatin Salad with Cottage Cheese.

Libby loved cooking and chemistry when she was a girl, so it was natural, as a young woman in Arkansas, that she would become a dietitian. She attended college at Mississippi State University, and found out about the renal field during a rotation. That experience helped shape her career in renal dietetics.

Libby advises patients to become more informed in order to help improve their health. She reports, “I try to make a difference in patients’ lives by being available to assist and answer questions in a way they understand.” The information she provides can help patients enjoy a better quality of life.

“The most challenging aspect of my job is educating patients about their diets,” Libby says. She finds an interactive approach works best with her patients. “It is most rewarding when the light bulb goes on for patients and, by using the information they have learned, they begin to see improvements in their lab results and in how they feel.”

After being with DaVita for ten years, there are many surprising and interesting things Libby has learned. Libby states, “I enjoy all the support and encouragement I’ve found at DaVita. It’s very special working with teammates and patients.” In addition to a super work environment, Libby also enjoys the breathtaking mountains that surround her center.

The jelly-mold salad is a Virginia favorite and this comes endorsed by DaVita dietitian, Libby. Make her Lime Gelatin Salad with Cottage Cheese a shimmering addition to your table.



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