Sausage Egg Soup by Linda from Ohio

When we think of sausage and eggs, we usually think of breakfast. But DaVita renal dietitian Linda from Ohio shares a recipe for Sausage Egg Soup, a dish so hearty you can enjoy it for lunch or dinner. It’s the perfect comfort food for dreary winter days. And by making your own sausage out of ground beef and spices, you can reduce the sodium and make it kidney-friendly. This is one soup that’s hearty enough for dinner and tasty enough for your entire family to enjoy. 

Linda was introduced to cooking by a grandmother who was a pastry cook. She also loves science, and so becoming a dietitian allowed her to follow both her passions. “Dietetics seemed like the perfect combination!” she explains. She chose the renal field, because of the long-term impact nutrition has on the health of renal patients. “I was attracted by the idea of chronic care and a field where nutrition plays a vital role in a patient’s well-being,” Linda remembers. 

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Linda attended Ohio State University and now lives and works in Springfield. 

Although it is a challenge for Linda to motivate patients who are not ready to change their present dietary choices, she knows that her work has a huge impact on the people she helps. “I enable them to take control of this one portion of their lives. I feel it helps anchor them when the rest of their world may be out of control,” Linda explains. 

The collaboration is satisfying for both dietitian and patient. Linda gets great satisfaction from hearing a patient or spouse say “I think I can follow this diet; it isn’t too bad.” 

No one would say that a renal dietitian has an easy job, but Linda truly enjoys her work. When asked what she likes most, Linda explains: “The day-to-day sharing of recipes, family moments and just indicating to them that I am there to help them.” 

Linda’s approach to working with patients is laid-back and approachable. “I like to take things one step at a time so as not to overwhelm them,” she states. 

When working with patients, Linda always stresses the importance of controlling their phosphorus levels. In fact, she believes it’s the single most important thing patients can do to improve their health. 

One way that Linda helps educate her patients is by offering new and creative approaches to staying on the kidney diet. She describes a recent sampling event: “In an effort to promote a new protein supplement, I had a sales rep come in, and we served ‘pro-tinis’  to all the patients. They really liked being able to sample items before buying.” 

A newcomer to DaVita, Linda has been working at the Springfield dialysis center for about six months. The location is a unique blend of urban and rural that Linda really appreciates. 

As the only dialysis center in the county, Linda and her team members at DaVita care for 130 hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients. She says she enjoys the wonderful resources and networking opportunities at DaVita. And she’s been surprised by vast content on the website. 

The next time you’re looking for a hearty meal that’s anything but ordinary, give DaVita dietitian Linda from Ohio’s Sausage Egg Soup a try. You may find it becomes your new favorite comfort food!


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