Beefy Pita Pockets, Veggie Fried Rice and Grilled Flank Steak and Vinaigrette Vegetables by Lisa from California

The term "homemade cooking" warms the heart, but conjures images of stacks of dirty pots and food covering every countertop. Homemade doesn't have to be difficult or scary. Thankfully, Lisa, a DaVita renal dietitian from California, shares three simple one-dish meals provided by her patient, Charlean. These are meals that have everything you need in just one easy-to-make dish. Beefy Pita Pockets, Veggie Fried Rice and Grilled Flank Steak and Vinaigrette Vegetables are recipes that include delicious protein, vitamin-filled vegetables and healthy carbohydrates that give your body energy.

Lisa's athletic past gives her a leg up on nutrition. "I was an avid runner in high school and college and was always worried about my diet." Lisa empathizes with her patients regarding their diet concerns. She promotes a well-balanced meal plan to her patients and encourages them to avoid prepackaged food. The recipes she shares are quick, simple and include fresh, unprocessed ingredients.

"I make a difference in my patient's lives by being a positive role model for them. I believe the most important things they can do to improve their health are to understand their struggles with the diet and take their medications."

Giving sound advice is Lisa's job, but listening to it has changed her life. "I had some friends who worked as renal dietitians and really enjoyed it, so I decided to pursue it." Lisa clearly took the correct career path and it shows in her work.

Lisa respects her patients and understands their challenges. "My approach to working with them is positive and kind. What I enjoy most about my job are my patients. The rewards you receive back by caring for someone are wonderful. I've seen first hand that patients can live normal lives and receive dialysis."

Her passion for nutrition and healthy living bring out Lisa’s fun side. "There is a lot of support and positive energy at DaVita. I've found an effective way to make a difference is playing games. High Phosphorus Bingo is very fun and educational for the patients."

Another wonderful part of Lisa's life with DaVita is the change of scenery from her native Washington State. Living in sunny California brings many exciting aspects to her job. "The thing I like the most about my DaVita dialysis center is the diversity. It's special because of the diverse population and the patients are very appreciative."

Maintaining a healthy diet may seem overwhelming, but Lisa and Charlean are sharing three one dish wonders that make cooking a homemade meal quick, simple and delicious. Beefy Pita Pocket is filled with savory beef and vegetables. Veggie Fried Rice brings a taste of the Orient to your table. Grilled Flank Steak and Vinaigrette Vegetables can be a gourmet treat for your guests or yourself. Try all three of these mouthwatering, complete meals made from scratch.


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