Zesty Chicken Wings by Lisa from Massachusetts

The secret to Zesty Chicken Wings lies in its fragrant, made-from-scratch marinade that seals juices in during baking and then is used as a glaze in the final minutes in the oven. DaVita renal dietitian Lisa from Massachusetts chose ginger, garlic and hot sauce to give the recipe a kick, plus a lot of other interesting flavorings that make it truly zesty.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Lisa attended Framingham State College and Clark University. She says she became a dietitian to, “help others improve their quality of life, and I wanted to see the results of nutrition therapy.”  Lisa says the most challenging aspect of her job is getting patients to adhere to therapy. While adherence is the most rewarding part of the job, Lisa says she makes a difference in patients lives because, ‘they feel better physically when they follow the diet.”

Developing relationships is what Lisa enjoys most about working with her dialysis patients. “I try to find out what matters to them, and attempt to motivate them from there,” she says. “Eating right is the single most important thing patients can do to improve their health.”

New activities and approaches can shake things up a bit and be effective in getting kidney patients to better understand the dialysis diet. Lisa comments that food demonstrations with kidney-friendly recipes and other visual teaching aids work well for her. “I have been with DaVita for one and a half years,” she offers, “and enjoy DaVita’s upbeat approach. The most surprising thing I’ve learned since starting here is the importance of developing relationships.”

Lisa shares an anecdote that tickled her funny bone. “I was talking to patients about the dietitian bulletin board in the lobby of our dialysis center and having a St. Patrick’s Day nutrition theme in March. One of our patients, an 87-year-old retired postal worker, asked if we would be handing out samples of Irish whiskey for the holiday!”

Lisa enjoys the ethnic diversity at her center, and particularly the challenge of educating non-English speaking patients.

Here’s a recipe that is “yummy” in all languages.  Zesty Chicken Wings is a hot dish with plenty of protein and flavor, and it’s easy on the budget too.



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