Chicken Squares by Lori from Pennsylvania

Create a hot, tasty meal tonight and treat your family to dinner around the table. Chicken Squares by DaVita renal dietitian, Lori from Pennsylvania, was modified from a church cookbook. Lori took this tasty recipe and made it more appropriate for a kidney-friendly diet but kept in the flavor for the whole family to enjoy.

Back in the day when aerobics were all the rage and everyone wore leg warmers, “I was interested in physical fitness, and realized the importance that nutrition played in health and fitness,” says Lori. 

After graduating from Illinois State University, Lori found herself in the renal field. “After graduation, I was working at Syracuse University hospital and they needed someone to cover the renal unit. No one wanted to do it, so since I was the newest staff member I took it and have been in dialysis ever since,” she explains.

Originally from a suburb of Chicago, Lori enjoys Pennsylvania and driving past Lake Erie on her way to the DaVita clinic where she works. “I really enjoy getting to know the patients and their families. I like learning about them and their families. It is so interesting to listen to them tell about their past. I hope that I am an encouragement to them,” shares Lori.

Lori describes her approach with her patients, “I try to focus on the positive, giving them ideas on what they can eat and how they can work foods that they enjoy into their diets.”

In addition to coaching patients, Lori notices that patients respond when she does special events. "The approach I find effective is 'Lobby Days'." We give ideas on different foods to eat and make patients feel they are special. I think they like the fact that we go out of our way to think of them and be creative for their benefit.”

While Lori believes following the dialysis diet, staying on dialysis for the full treatment time and taking prescribed medicines are all important, she says, “I think the single most important thing patients can do to improve their health is remain active with family, friends and community.“

Lori has been with DaVita for under a year, and she says, “I love all the resources made available to me by the company. Everyone has been very patient and helpful, willing to help me in anyway. I have been pleasantly surprised at how accepting the patients have been to having another renal dietitian at the unit.”

Turn on the oven to 350° F, gather the ingredients, crack open a package of crescent rolls, and you’re on your way to making Lori’s Chicken Squares. Don’t be surprised if you find this tasty dish on your menu once a week.


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