Roasted Garlic by Lynn from Washington

In just two-and-a-half years at DaVita, Lynn has learned something very important—attitude is everything when it comes to improving her patients’ health. “I really enjoy helping people and making nutrition fun,” Lynn shares. “At our center in Washington, we do it different and it works.”

Lynn says she became a dietitian because, “I enjoy helping people and am fascinated with how the human body works.” She also appreciates that as a renal dietitian she can establish long-term relationships with patients and focus on preventing health problems. “It’s so important to give patients the information they need to make good decisions about food and lifestyle choices,” says Lynn.

Lynn first entered the renal field after graduating from both Iowa State University and Colorado State University. She wanted to help patients understand their bodies and how they could feel better. Today, Lynn achieves that goal by focusing on prevention and making herself available when patients’ labs come out. “It can be stressful when everyone wants my attention at that time,” Lynn admits, “but it’s so rewarding to know that I have made a difference in someone’s life.”

While Lynn’s approach with patients is usually caring and flexible, she has found a little “tough love” can be quite successful. “I am usually pretty nice to patients, regardless of their labs, behaviors, etc., but once, I got very firm with a patient when addressing his high phosphorus levels. For three months since that time, his phosphorus has been perfect. The patient said he was motivated because of the way I talked to him; that when someone he likes gets firm with him, it really affected him. I believe that establishing a strong rapport with patients provides the necessary platform to address behaviors for positive outcomes.”

Here is a recipe that’s sure to have a positive outcome on your next meal—Lynn’s easy, versatile and tasty Roasted Garlic.


Roasted Garlic


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