Ambrosia by Mandy from Colorado

Growing up in Arlington, Texas, Mandy was always interested in science and how the human body works. But her interest in nutrition began as a teenager when she underwent a kidney transplant.

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University and a Master’s from Oklahoma State University, Mandy became a dietitian. Today, she draws from her own personal experience to help her patients.

“I am able to relate to the patients since I am currently on dialysis,” Mandy explains. “Hopefully, I show them that being on dialysis does not mean you have to quit living your life.”

Since joining DaVita in March 2004, Mandy has enjoyed working with patients and watching their progress. “I really like the challenge of controlling phosphorus, since it is an ongoing battle. And it’s very rewarding when patients see their labs improve and feel a sense of accomplishment!”

Mandy knows her message is getting through to her patients, even when they are teasing her. “I had a patient ask how much phosphorus is in a cat,” Mandy shares. “He was joking, or at least I hope he was since I have two cats at home.”

Mandy shares her recipe for deliciously fruity Ambrosia. A tasty dessert she hopes you enjoy.



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