Rice Pilaf and Apple Caramel Dessert by Mary Anne from California

“When I became a DaVita dietitian four years ago, teaching patients about improving their nutrition was a challenge,” admits Mary Anne. “I was the teacher and the patients were the students. However, it quickly became clear that the patients were the teachers with their needs and questions.”

In her role as the “student,” Mary Anne has enjoyed coming up with creative ways to respond to those needs and questions. For example, she and her teammates play “Low Phosphorus Bingo” with the patients. Then they present them with monthly low phosphorus awards, including a wave of the musical magic wand, a protein bar and big congratulations. “That is the part of my work I look forward to the most, and find the most rewarding,” Mary Anne shares. “I can always count on the support of the Facility Administrator and teammates, along with lots of laughs.”

Since completing her bachelor’s degree at the College of Saint Elizabeth in New Jersey and a dietetic internship at Ohio’s Good Samaritan Hospital, Mary Anne has grown into her role as a versatile dietitian. “We are accomplished cooks with griddles and grills. We can provide patients with a summer BBQ lunch or a winter holiday breakfast.” 

Mary Anne shares the story behind one of her favorite recipes for Apple Caramel Dessert.

“It started with a teammate pot luck. Our west side director, Sue, contributed a dessert that was the topic of conservation. It was so simple, had a great taste and was the first dessert to disappear. However, the original recipe used a Snickers® bar, so my teammates and I got to talking about the dessert and wondered if you could use a Balance® Gold Protein Bar instead. We put the recipe together and asked for some willing patient volunteers. Not only did they enjoy the dessert, they were also pleased to hear how simple the recipe was to make.”

Find out for yourself how easy and delicious Mary Anne’s recipes are. Start off with her Rice Pilaf but be sure to leave room for that famous Apple Caramel Dessert.



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