Maryland’s Eastern Shore Cream of Crab Soup by Lynne from Maryland

The shores of Maryland provide a delicious bounty from the sea. Maryland crabs are the pride of the state, and DaVita dietitian, Lynne, has provided a recipe that does proper justice to their divine taste—Maryland’s Eastern Shore Cream of Crab Soup.

Originally from Rockville, Lynne was planning to leave the University of Maryland for nursing school in Baltimore when she took a course in nutrition. The subject intrigued her so much she stayed on to take more courses and soon realized that nutrition was to be her life’s work. Lynne earned a Bachelor of Science at the University of Maryland and a Master of Science at Virginia Tech.

The renal field soon called when Lynne did relief work at a dialysis unit. When a part-time position opened nearby she says, “I jumped at the chance.”

Today, Lynne says the most challenging aspect of her job is, “…doing everything I want in a short amount of time!” Her rewards are, “…meeting people from all walks of life and helping them make small changes that make big differences. I feel my patients give me more than I could ever give them. Nutrition is a big part of care at a hemodialysis unit. I enjoy introducing patients to new foods and encouraging them to strive for variety each day. The diet to manage their treatments doesn’t have to be grueling. I’m firm and direct, but friendly. It can be done!”

The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health is comply with diet and medication. “I’ve found food demonstrations to be very effective in giving patients an opportunity to see and taste new foods—it’s very rewarding.”

After two years with DaVita, Lynne says she most enjoys, “…the teammates at my unit, and the access to great resources for patient education. I’m amazed by the technology involved in treating these patients, and the dedication by DaVita as a company to provide the best to patients and teammates.”

Lynne describes the Eastern Shore, where her center is located as, “a very special place. You have to visit to understand. The unit is right on the Choptank River with big windows and a great view. I’ve never worked with a more devoted group of caregivers than this one at DaVita. My teammates are top notch.”

There’s nothing like a hearty soup to satisfy your appetite and lift your spirits. Maryland’s Eastern Shore Cream of Crap Soup fills the bill perfectly, and still follows the guidelines of a kidney-friendly dish.






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