Matilde’s Tuna Salad by Matilde from Texas 

Matilde, a DaVita dietitian from Texas, knows that her patients may feel overwhelmed transitioning to a kidney friendly meal plan. That’s why she shares delicious, healthy, family favorite recipes with her dialysis patients, such as her Matilde’s Tuna Salad. There’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying a delicious, homemade meal. Matilde’s Tuna Salad is perfect for lunch, dinner or a picnic. It’s yummy, comforting and easy to make.

When a patient is diagnosed with diabetes or chronic kidney disease, he or she needs to make changes to their daily routine. Diet is one of the most emotional and crucial alterations to maintain good health. That’s where Matilde comes in. Working as a renal dietitian for over a decade, Matilde has sharpened her dietary skills, perfected her chair-side manner and become a champion for her patients.

When Matilde studied dietetics at the University of Texas, she couldn’t imagine how her career would change her life. “I became a dietitian because I love food. I eventually went into the renal field because it was challenging. One of the most interesting things that’s happened to me over my 16 year career is becoming a DaVita Jedi Knight.”

Any successful dietitian knows that educating patients is important, but simply knowing the facts doesn’t always get results. Like any Jedi Knight, she is highly knowledgeable, dedicated, disciplined and has completed many “trials.”

The tests a DaVita Jedi Knight must pass are The Trial of Skill, The Trial of Spirit and the Trial of Knowledge. Matilde passes all three tests by maintaining her patient’s delicate, dietary balance. “The most challenging aspect of my job is controlling my patient’s phosphorus levels.” Maintaining reasonable levels of phosphorus and potassium can be tricky because both minerals are very common in many popular foods.

Matilde leads her patients from the Dark Side (their fear of change) by using the Force. Matilde wields the Force like a light saber, and sometimes she uses Jedi mind tricks to convince her patients to change bad habits. “The single most important thing they can do to improve their health is to make better daily choices.”

Other skills that come with being a DaVita Jedi Knight are telekinesis, telepathy and enhanced empathy. While Matilde doesn’t like to brag about all her Jedi skills, she frequently shows off the latter. “I make a difference in my patient’s lives by building a rapport and being understanding of their situation.

Conquering the Dark Side is Matilde’s true calling and greatest pleasure. “The most rewarding aspects of my job are the success stories.” May the Force be with you when you make Matilde’s Tuna Salad. It’s yummy, nutritious and easy to make.


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