Cranberry Orange Biscotti and Dill Nibbles by Meg from Alabama

Snack time everybody! DaVita renal dietitian Meg from Alabama introduces her dynamic duo of snacks — Cranberry Orange Biscotti and Dill Nibbles. Both recipes are easy to double or halve, depending on the size of crowd you need to feed. Store separately for up to a week in airtight containers, without need for refrigeration. They freeze beautifully, as well.

“I’m originally from Livingston, Alabama,” says Meg, adding, “I wanted to become a dietitian to educate people on how food helps their bodies and how they can live healthier lives. I attended the University of Alabama, and found renal nutrition and dialysis very interesting.”

The most challenging aspects of Meg’s job are getting patients to understand the importance of following their prescribed diets and taking phosphorus binders with meals. Meg says, “I am rewarded when patients finally turn their eating habits around and begin taking their medicines. This tells me that they actually were listening to me. I try to show that I really care about what happens. Just having one person in your life who is always there to help can make a difference. I worry about my patients because I just want them all to feel well.”

Meg has been a renal dietitian with DaVita for nine months and says that every working day at DaVita is different. “You never know who is going to walk through that clinic door,” she jokes. When it comes to interacting with her patients, Meg states, “I try to be understanding in my approach and convey that I’m the type of person they can talk to when a cheat happens on their diet. If they are honest with me, I appreciate it. It allows me to educate them on an alternative food choice for next time. I’m honest with them, so they can (hopefully) be honest with me.”

What advice does Meg offer patients that can improve their health? “Take medications and follow the correct diet,” she states, adding, “These are such small things but they make a huge difference.”

When it comes to working at DaVita, Meg says, “What I enjoy most is the super support I get from my fellow renal dietitians. They are the greatest group of people, so smart and helpful. I really love the dietitian meetings when we are all together. They are great resources, and I can email any of them for unique and creative suggestions. DaVita renal dietitians are utilized a lot by the doctor and nurse practitioners. I came from a hospital setting and we were barely noticed or used at all. I love making rounds with our doctor. It’s a great learning experience.”

Snacking doesn’t have to mean cheating. Cook up a batch or two of Meg’s Cranberry Orange Biscotti or Dill Nibbles to keep on hand. These homemade treats are so delicious, you can even make an extra batch to share with a friend or give as a gift.


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