Mahi Fish on the Green by Michelle from California

In Hawaii, mahi mahi means strong strong, and that’s a good way to describe this recipe for Mahi Fish on the Green, by DaVita renal dietitian Michelle from California. This one-skillet meal has a lot going for it — loads of nutrition, tasty to the max, with healthy green vegetables built in.

Michelle knows all about fish, and particularly mahi mahi, as she grew up in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Early on, Michelle became interested in cooking and experimenting with food from all cultures. A self-described “foodie,” her passionate interest in kidney-related nutrition developed from a family history of polycystic kidney disease (PKD)—her sister has a transplant from their brother.

Starting out, Michelle attended Ohio State University where she earned a BS degree, and then California State University in Chico, California where she earned an MS degree. She finds it both challenging and rewarding to help patients make positive dietary changes. “My daily goal is to exemplify a positive attitude about change. A quote hangs in our clinic lobby by Dr. Johanna Dwyer, a registered dietitian and nutrition educator: ‘Compliance to specialized diets is a difficult and stressful task; it requires patients to undergo a major change in their lifestyles and forsake many of their traditional sources of daily pleasure.’ I hold this comment true to my counseling approach and I believe patients appreciate this understanding when discussing the renal diet,” shares Michelle.

As far as advice to patients, Michelle says, “I think the most important things patients can do to improve their health is stay involved and develop a social network that encourages positive mental health. This impacts the motivation to attempt behavioral change regarding diet.”

Michelle has been with DaVita for one year and is impressed with how upper management adopted concepts from a book called, The Present.  “I’ve learned that the effects of good management trickle down to the frontline teammates,” says Michelle.

Located in Northern California, Michelle states her center is made special by great teamwork and care for patients. “The scenery and setting around our center are gorgeous,” Michelle exclaims.

Mahi Fish on the Green is gourmet cuisine at its best — and it’s recommended on the dialysis diet. Mahi Fish on the Green features a symphony of flavors you will find irresistible as you’re cooking. And, the “Green” in the title is low-potassium zucchini so you don’t even need to make a side dish. Impress your family or treat yourself to Michelle’s Mahi Fish on the Green.


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