Cucumber Sandwiches by Michelle from Nevada

When the weather's hot outside, the last thing you want is a heavy meal. Now, thanks to renal dietitian Michelle from Nevada, you can make a fast and healthy lunch or light supper of Cucumber Sandwiches. This is the recipe you'll rely on when you're looking for a no-cook meal that's cool and satisfying. Cucumber Sandwiches will fit right in with a kidney-friendly eating plan.

Originally from Rhode Island, Michelle attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She chose the dietary field, because of her strong desire to help people. Now in her third year as a renal dietitian with DaVita, she finds that the most challenging aspect of her job is trying to get patients to eat healthier.

Although it can be a tough task to change patients’ eating habits, Michelle brings an upbeat attitude to her job at DaVita. “I do my best to try to approach patients in a positive way and encourage them not to give up,” Michelle explains.

Michelle’s goal is to empower her patients to take charge of their health and their lives. “I think it’s important for patients to be proactive about their own health. Patients need to know that their choices and involvement are the biggest factors in their overall health,” states Michelle. “It is up to them to do the best they can with managing their disease state. We are only here to assist them; we can’t do it for them.”

With her support and guidance, patients begin to understand how critical their own roles are in achieving good outcomes and maintaining their health. “Seeing patients improve their health and feel better by making good choices is the most rewarding aspect of my job,” Michelle says.

Michelle finds satisfaction from her job as a renal dietitian and says that one of the things she likes about working for DaVita is “they encourage fun, which is a nice change.” About her coworkers, Michelle says, “We have the best team!”

You’ll find that Michelle’s Cucumber Sandwiches make a nice change from everyday, ho-hum sandwiches. And since slicing cucumbers are available year-round, you can enjoy Cucumber Sandwiches whatever the season. Take a cue from DaVita dietitian Michelle from Nevada and mix up some kidney-friendly Cucumber Sandwiches the next time you’re looking for a satisfying light meal.


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