Buttermilk Pie by Monica from Michigan

Everyone loves dessert. While it’s important not to over do it, a little sweetness can go a long way. Monica, a DaVita dietitian from Michigan, shares an amazing recipe to make your mouth water.

Monica has triumphed in her career for over seven years by being supportive of her patients and fellow colleagues. “Hearing the stories of my patients’ lives, their struggles, successes and about their families is the most enjoyable part of my work.” 

The DaVita center, where Monica works, cares for over 130 patients. “We are like a family here,” states Monica, adding, “We celebrate each other’s successes, and are there when someone needs a shoulder in times of crisis.”

Monica’s personal touch helps her patients achieve their goals. “The most important part of developing a plan of care is to understand what is of highest priority to the patient. I take that into consideration when I counsel and develop goals. I find that when I’m realistic about my patients’ lives and limitations, then I have more credibility in my education efforts. Patient individualization is extremely important because every patient is motivated by something different,” explains Monica. 

Making a difference in the quality of her patient’s lives and getting to know them is Monica’s greatest reward.  “Last year, we were preparing our first Wall of Fame. [Editor’s note:  The Wall of Fame is a wall in DaVita centers that features photographs of patients and teammates at the center.] I was in the dialysis center interviewing patients. One patient that was somewhat forgetful was trying desperately to remember the name of his favorite song. He simply could not remember the title, but was able to sing the whole song to me while I was sitting with him. We still could not remember the title, so we agreed to give it our own title based on the words he had just sung.”

There is plenty of hard work and sometimes there are challenges for Monica. She constantly advocates for her patients by making sure they have access to the food, medicines and health care they need. Improving health through diet is Monica’s first priority. She also recommends dialysis patients stay active and involved in the areas of life that interest them most. “Hobbies help the patients keep their lives in balance,” she states.  

If baking is your hobby, or if you’d like to give it a try, here’s your chance to impress your family and friends with Monica’s yummy Buttermilk Pie.





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