Tasty Baked Fish by Rorie from Texas

Well-prepared fish has a yummy, mellow flavor without the fishy taste. And, fish is one the healthiest proteins available. DaVita renal dietitian, Rorie from Texas, introduces her Tasty Baked Fish recipe, which can be prepared with a variety of mild-flavored fish options. Rorie’s recipe is easy to prepare, and there are many fresh water and salt water fish choices available either fresh or frozen in your local grocery store. Rorie suggests the mild flavors of cod, catfish, perch or orange roughy for a meal the entire family will love.

Sometimes, people have difficulty getting out of a food rut and trying new flavors. Others have problems making changes to become healthier, such as making better food choices. After witnessing patients struggling with these issues while completing her clinical rotation in a dialysis unit, Rorie decided the renal field was a perfect career choice. Being a renal dietitian combines her appreciation of food, scientific knowledge and fascination with psychology. “I’m really interested in human growth and development,” shares Rorie.

It’s common for people to feel nervous and awkward in new situations, including going to the doctor, receiving health care or changing eating habits, Rorie’s natural ability to understand this anxiety helps put her patients at ease. “The most challenging aspect of my job is dealing with patient’s negative view of health care professionals.” Sadly, getting over this fear can be a slow process.

What makes change so difficult? Barry Greenwald, Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago published a study exploring this phenomenon. He states, “Who we are today. How we feel about things. How we make sense of the world is a product of our history.” So if a patient has had a bad experience at a doctor’s office, this can affect their feelings regarding health care. Also, the relationship people have with food is formed at a very early age and making changes to the diet, especially limiting favorite foods, can be especially challenging.

Rorie helps her patients deal with these issues daily. She assists them to take steps in the right direction. “I work with my patients like we are a team. It’s important that they commit to making change, even if it’s only one change at a time.”

Although change can be tough, it comes with many rewards for her patients, as well as for Rorie. “I really enjoy empowering my patients to take charge of specific aspects of their health and life, and it’s exciting to see them have positive changes in behavior and health. There’s nothing like observing my patients experience an ‘ah-ha’ moment when working with them,” reports Rorie.

The care Rorie gives her patients forever changes their lives and hers. “The relationship I have developed with my patients means so much to me. Years after receiving a transplant, my patients still come and visit me,” shares Rorie.

Working at DaVita for over 10 years has allowed Rorie to create strong bonds with her patients and her fellow DaVita teammates. “We are like one large family here. I really enjoy the camaraderie and my interaction with other dietitians throughout the country,” she says.

Try Rorie’s Tasty Baked Fish recipe. You may even want to try it tonight with cod, another night with orange roughy, another night with catfish and keep changing it up. Because even though change takes effort, sometimes change can be good and tasty.


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