Veggie Strata and Creamy Cauliflower by Roselyn from Colorado

“Eat your vegetables!” you may remember your mother saying. But that isn’t so easy on a dialysis diet. Thank goodness Roselyn from Colorado can help with tasty recipes that are easy to prepare.

Roselyn and her mother taught vegetarian cooking classes for the community before she went on to study dietetics at La Sierra University in her home state of California. “My mother encouraged me to study dietetics, as she wished she could have.” After taking her mother’s advice, Roselyn can now boast that she has over 30 years of experience as a clinical nutrition manager and has worked at DaVita as a renal dietitian for over 7 years. 

Highly dedicated, Roselyn takes pride in her creative and motivational approaches with her patients. “I’m there 100% for the patients. Each month I provide food sampling, set up a nutrition center in the lobby decorated for the holidays with a set of new recipes and give word search quizzes that patients absolutely love. They tell me they can’t wait for the next month,” shares Roselyn.

Roselyn is also sensitive to difficulties in eating healthy with so many diet restrictions. Her motto is: “Never give up on patients who are challenged with keeping their diet under control.” She is always willing to help her patients overcome their diet challenges. She believes that proper nutrition is a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. “Many people begin dialysis thinking that the diet is bland and impossible to follow, and then I get frequent comments on how good some of the kidney-friendly recipes are,” says Roselyn.

Inspiration comes from many sources for Roselyn. “The most rewarding aspect of my job is being able to create fun ways to celebrate patients’ achievements each month. The smiles from my patients and the lively energy from teammates as we celebrate our patients’ successes are what I enjoy most,” says Roselyn. She adds, “DaVita has an incredible nutrition leadership team with high quality standards and a tremendous training program with educational resources that just keep expanding.” 

Roselyn’s DaVita center is located near the Rocky Mountains. “I can see those beautiful, snow-capped mountains from my office window!” she exclaims. “My DaVita center is close to Denver with so much to do. We have frequent dialysis visitors who ski, camp and travel the mountains.”

Roselyn often encourages her patients to try some of the recipes found on the DaVita website. Now her wonderful vegetarian fare is included on so everyone can enjoy her yummy Veggie Strata and Creamy Cauliflower. Go ahead, eat your vegetables.



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