“An Apple a Day” Muffins by Sarah from Ohio

“I’ve been a DaVita dietitian for 3 months now and I love it!” exclaims Sarah. “The most rewarding aspect of my job is when patients see success after working so hard.”

Sarah is no stranger to hard work herself. As a competitive gymnast for 18 years, she focused on achieving her optimal performance in mind, body, and spirit. Today, she focuses on helping her patients create their own optimal health. “It’s so great when patients realize they are in control of most of their health and they have the power to feel their best.”

As a native of Cleveland, Ohio, Sarah received her undergraduate education at Bowling Green State University and then went on to graduate school at Case Western Reserve University. It was there that she learned the skills to effectively work with patients who have trouble following the renal diet.

“I always try to be sincere and open-minded, realizing that we’re all human beings who aren’t perfect,” says Sarah. “I like to get to know my patients’ personally and their families and listen to their problems, nutrition-related or not, because everyone needs a shoulder.”

And we all need a good apple-muffin recipe, too. So thanks to Sarah for sharing her “An Apple a Day” muffins.



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