Cupid’s Cherry Cheesecake by Tammy from Texas

Cupid’s Cherry Cheesecake has all the rich, creamy sweetness you’d expect in a Valentine’s Day dessert. Tammy, a DaVita dietitian, from the Piney Woods of East Texas shares this delectable dessert along with some interesting information about herself.

Educated at Lamar University and Stephen F. Austin University, Tammy became interested in the weight loss aspect of dietetics and was then attracted into the renal field by job availability. “The most challenging aspect of my job is time management,” says Tammy. “And next comes helping patients to be compliant with their diet and binders.”

The most rewarding aspect of the job she attributes to seeing patients succeed in their lab goals. Tammy explains, “I help patients maintain their diet and labs until they get a transplant. There’s nothing like seeing them do well after the procedure. I try to make a difference in the lives of my patients by letting each one know they’re important to me and that I really do care about them.”

Tammy meets many new people in the course of her work and describes her approach as working alongside them to achieve their goals while emphasizing that one of the most important thing they can do to improve health is take their binders. Now that she’s been with DaVita for six years, Tammy says she was surprised to find how hard the renal field is “because we are dealing with more than just renal issues. It is a whole-person approach.”

An example of the whole-person approach is related in her story about a relatively young patient with rheumatoid arthritis. “I have a patient that loves sports dearly but because of his arthritis, doesn’t get out to games anymore. I’m an avid football fan for our high school, since my son is a starter on the team, and so I would always keep this patient updated on how our team was doing and he would always ask about my son. One Friday night I went to the stadium and there sat my patient alongside his Dad. It was so rewarding to think that the time I spent with him motivated him to get out and enjoy sports again. My son’s team won that game and went on to win State, so we now have even more to talk about.”

Finally, Tammy says, “I love east Texas; it is a wonderful place to live. People are friendly and the countryside is beautiful, particularly the fall foliage. And my center is special because the team truly cares about patients and desires to be the best.”

Try Cupid’s Cherry Cheesecake and celebrate this Valentine’s Day with someone sweet.



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