High Protein Lemon Raspberry Mousse by Toni from North Carolina

High Protein Lemon Raspberry Mousse looks just as delectable in a tall, sparkling parfait glass as it does in a dessert bowl. It fits whatever you’d like to make of any occasion! Toni from North Carolina created this recipe so it can be modified for three different food plans; dialysis, diabetes and CKD. Just check the Helpful Hints for the recipe type you need and follow the simple instructions. There’s no need to miss out on dessert, just because you’re trying to keep your diet kidney friendly.

Toni is originally from Elizabethtown, North Carolina, a charming and friendly little town where the population was 3,698 according to the year 2000 census. Toni studied for her career in dietetics at North Carolina State University and East Carolina University.

There is no doubt that dietitians sometimes have challenging jobs, and Toni names "compliance" at the top of her list of challenges. She says, "It is so difficult for dialysis patients to limit or avoid foods they love and have eaten all their lives." What is hard for patients is also hard for the dietitians who guide them, but Toni welcomes the rewards that come with the challenges. "When I have helped someone, whether it is assistance for their medication or nutritional supplement, or I have finally found a recipe that is renal friendly that they enjoy, that is my reward."

Renal dietitians can make a significant difference to patients’ lives, and Toni remarks, "I try to make education fun. If I can make someone laugh and joke around while I am educating them about high-phosphorus foods to avoid, they don’t even realize they are learning." Keeping a lighthearted approach seems to really work for Toni. "I enjoy helping patients enjoy their lives.  Food is a major focal point of people’s lives, and when patients are on dialysis, they learn about all the foods they cannot have. So I am able to suggest alternatives where they can still enjoy the food they love, but in a healthier way."

Toni has a secret to her approach and she says it’s about treating patients, "as if they were my own family." It's easy to see there's a lot of concern and care at work in this method. The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health, in Toni's opinion, is tostay active, eat three times a day with meat or eggs at every meal, and take medicine as prescribed. After working at DaVita for one year, Toni says she is amazed at how much fun she has every day just by helping people. "My centers arelocated at Chadbourn and Whiteville, NC. The whole team puts forward an extra effort to make everyone feel special and smile."

Toni's High Protein Lemon Raspberry Mousse will make you smile if you let it! You can even make a smiley face out of the fresh fruit slices on top. Why bother? Well, there’s an old saying: “Smile and the world smiles with you.”


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