Peach Cobbler by Tori from Louisiana 

No more worrying about what to serve your family — or company — for dessert. DaVita renal dietitian Tori from Louisiana has the answer — Peach Cobbler. Her recipe is a kidney friendly take on a classic American dessert, and with only six ingredients, you can bake it up in a flash. Enjoy it year-round, since it relies on canned pie filling for its fruity goodness.

Tori works to make her dialysis patients' lives easier and more satisfying (including coming up with healthy, great-tasting recipes like her Peach Cobbler). Tori made the decision to become a dietitian while in college. "In my first class in dietetics, I knew it was for me," she remembers. She chose the renal field, because she thoroughly enjoyed her rotation in renal and her dietetic internship with DaVita. A relative newcomer to the field, Tori has been with DaVita for a little more than one year.

Tori grew up in a small town outside New Orleans, Louisiana, and attended the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. She went on to intern in New Orleans at Touro Hospital.

Today, Tori loves her job as a renal dietitian with DaVita. On the job, as in life, she always keeps the emphasis on the positive. "I try to be easily approachable by keeping the mood light and fun," Tori explains. Tori aims to keep her kidney patients smiling by making at least some of their time at dialysis fun for them. "My patients love playing games, so I always try to incorporate that into my educational activities," Tori says. The payoff is big for both her dialysis patients and this supportive dietitian. "Seeing my patients laughing and smiling is the most rewarding aspect of my job," Tori explains.

When asked about the most challenging aspect of her work, Tori comments that it's "being viewed as the food police." But even that can't put a damper on Tori's time with her kidney patients. She truly enjoys interacting with them and experiencing all of their different personalities. The variety helps her appreciate the important work she does. "Even though you work, for the most part, with the same people and deal with the same patients, every day is something new and exciting, and I learn something new daily," Tori states.

One of the best parts of her job, Tori relates, is working as part of the team at DaVita, with the same overall goal and the sense of camaraderie that goes along with that.

There was a particularly special day not long ago at the DaVita dialysis center where Tori works. "We recently shared a major event for a patient celebrating 28 years on dialysis. I announced it on the floor, and we made a small ceremony about it, and that moment was just a total inspiration, to not only me but our team and our patients," Tori recalls.

Tori wants only the best for her patients, and she thinks that the DaVita team can really help support their health goals. When asked to describe the most important thing that dialysis patients can do to improve their health, she advised that they should “listen to their team of caretakers. We are here for our dialysis patients and want them to be healthy and happy. We have some pretty good advice."

Just like the rest of the DaVita team, Tori appreciates her kidney patients' success stories. "I love hearing about every kidney transplant – it makes it worth it," Tori declares.

Happy about the chance to share her Peach Cobbler recipe with others, Tori explains, "I have a patient who has always wanted me to contribute one of my recipes to She has since moved to another clinic, but I hope she see this!"

Enjoy a new approach to a centuries-old favorite, cobbler, with Tori's kidney-friendly Peach Cobbler recipe. Easy-to-make, yet sweet and satisfying, it fits perfectly into a renal eating plan and may turn out to be your favorite homemade dessert. Change it up with different types of low-potassium fruit for even more flavorful fun.


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